TARTA weekly $100 prize drawing

TARTA Launches New Effort to Collect and Measure
Customer Satisfaction with the Authority’s Services
(TOLEDO, Sept. 28, 2020) – The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) has a new
effort underway to measure customer satisfaction through online and phone surveys. TARTA
hired TransPro Consulting to conduct the surveys, analyze the results, and develop a process
to track improvements in customer satisfaction over time. Customers who complete a survey
will be entered into a weekly $100 prize drawing in thanks for their participation.
The purpose of the survey is to gauge TARTA customers’ support for a variety of issues
ranging from bus cleanliness and driver courtesy to the convenience and frequency of local
bus routes. In addition, the survey is measuring customer confidence in TARTA’s response to
the threat of COVID-19. It will also discover how residents prefer to engage with TARTA and
which communication methods are likely to reach the most people.
“This is an opportunity to find out how we can improve our customers’ experience,” said
General Manager Kimberly Dunham. “TARTA is on a transformational journey focused on a
commitment to service standards of excellence. We hope that the insights gained from this
survey give us a road map toward a greatly improved transit system. We also intentionally
sought out TransPro’s expertise in this area to discover what is most important to our
customers and the community.”
According to Mark Aesch, TransPro founder and CEO, “Customer satisfaction is a critical
metric in the private sector so it should become a priority for public services as well. Our
philosophy is simple: To learn what would improve customers’ lives, you’ve got to ask them
what they need.”
Residents are encouraged to visit TARTA.com or call (567) 343- 5767 to complete the
survey and learn more.
The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) provides a vital link in the Toledo
metro area to jobs, education, health care and other destinations. It enables everyone in
our community to have access to transportation regardless of their age, race, physical
ability or economic background. TARTA is underway with exploring and introducing new
initiatives and service options that will enhance convenience and customer experience
while moving Toledo into the future of public transit.